John Coles is Nominated Finalist in Media Innovation Awards 2015

John Coles, JADE Erotic Artist of the Year 2013, has been announced as one of the two nominated Finalists in the photography section of the Media Innovation Awards 2015.

His entry is based on 'The Spitfire Pilot', published as 'We'll Meet Again... Don't Know Where... Don't Know When', in the April edition of JADE.

The awards are presented by the Digital Media Network, and celebrate the innovative use of media and design in the UK.
The 15 categories represent a wide range of disciplines from App to TV/Video/Film and from Branding to Games, and are judged by leading professionals in UK media and design. The nominations were announced at the end of September and the awards will be presented at the awards event to be held in November.

John says, "I feel personally honoured to have been selected as a finalist, but I'm particularly proud that erotic art has been selected for the first time by the judges for this prestigious award. We often struggle against public acceptance for erotic art, despite the fact that we are merely representing the sensual imagery and private fantasies of our fellows. So whether I win or not, this nomination has to represent a significant achievement for our art form."

Member News | Published Sep 2015