What is erotic art?

At The Guild, members get asked what is erotic art? Everyone has their own views and this can be confusing for the visitor to the Websites.

To explain what we do as an organisation, we will be categorising Members into various areas and what constitutes erotic. Various images are just tasteful pieces that would suit any environment, others fit into a specialist category for the individual. To give you an idea of what we are proposing, here are a few ideas with examples;

Erotica for the home: Simple non explicit pictures, paintings and castings that could fit in any home without offence or raising eyebrows, examples Monroe Lips pictures, body sculpture with no genitalia etc.

Erotica for the Office: Sexy corporate gifts, tasteful pen holders, cork screw. Embossed leather diary covers, show tickets etc

Erotica for the Collector: Non targeted, individuals set their own barriers, cautionary advice where appropriate.

Erotica Extreme : Bondage, Fetish more “on the edge”

This way, visitors will able to look at the artwork they like without being offended. We will instigating this in the coming weeks.

Other News | Published May 2010