The Guild of Erotic Artists - Volume 1

The Book of the Guild
The Guild's first book is now available. Entitled simply 'The Guild of Erotic Artists', the A4 size, limited edition paperback has been written, produced and published by The Guild of Erotic Artists. Along with images of their work, 25 of our artists, photographers and sculptors provide their biographies, techniques and the background behind their skills. Sometimes humourous, sometimes heart breaking, it is a work of art in itself. Whether you are a would-be photographer, an art student, or just interested in a good read, this book is a must. With a run of just 5,000 copies, the book is a Limited Edition - a collector's item. Volume Two has already been published.

UK Price: £26.50 (includes postage & packing)
(Overseas customers should contact the Guild for a price to include airmail postage.)


Lara Addams (artist) - Angelica (photographer) - Paul John Ballard (artist) - Paul Churchman (photographer) - Ken Clarke (body sculptor) - Mike Crawley (photographer) - Dave Ayerst Davies (photographer) - Saskia Deneuve (artist) - Douglas E (photographer) - Nancy Farmer (artist) - Gothic Image (photographer) - Petra Joy (photographer) - Ray Leaning (artist) - Lindsay McDermid (artist) - Julian Murphy (artist) - Richard Murrin (artist) - Pete Rigsby (artist) - Stephen Rodgers (artist) - James Alfred Scotchford (artist) - Matthew Slade (artist) - Andrew Smith (sculptor) - Roy Smyth (photographer) - Alex Treacher (photographer) - Richard Turneramon (artist).


Carla (London) - February 2005
Fantastic! This has got something of everything, and something for everyone. The standards of photography, painting, drawing and sculpture is excellent. With enough information about each person (over 20) to be useful and interesting, and enough work by them to get a decent impression of their stuff. .

Reader (London) - February 2005
I have been engrossed in this book over the past few days and I find the work in it very tasteful and of a very high standard. The stories of the artists will inspire anyone who has an interest in working in erotic art. It features images of both males and females in various states of undress, but it is not tacky like some publications I have read. This deals with the subject matter in a very subtle way and the images shown are amazing. I highly recommend anyone to get a copy and enjoy the stories of how the artists themselves got into the industry. It is touching, humorous and informative. A great read.

John Davidson (London) - February 2005
I bought this book a few days ago and I was instantly blown away by the quality of the work in it and the variety of talent. The book encompasses a wide variety of art, and one is amazed at the actual variations on a theme that the Guild of Erotic Artists shows. Artists have been painting the unclothed form for centuries, and this is a new art form with new techniques such as photography, computer art, body moulding, along with the more traditional paint and pencil on paper. The word 'Erotic' normally conjures up a possible sleazy side, but this collection shows the great wealth of talent that is available in the world today. The book is not just a collection of different art pieces, it is truly informative in the various techniques and inspiration found within. It would be as much at home on an art student's bookshelf as on a coffee table in an executive's flat, and everything in between.

Model (London) - February 2005
Fantastic, this is definitely a must have book. The work in it is tastefully done and of a very high quality. The photography, drawing, painting and body sculpture is excellent. Also the stories of the artists themselves and their lives, backgrounds and how they got into the industry makes it such a great read. As a model who specialises in erotic work this will certainly be a book I will come back to time and time again both for ideas and inspiration.

JADE The International erotic art and literature magazine - April 2005
Rarely does a book come along that one feels compelled to rave about - but with their first book, simply titled ‘The Guild of Erotic Artists - Volume One’ the members of the Guild have surpassed themselves. The production quality is first class, the colours deep, rich and vibrant, the layout clean and pleasing to the eye - but above all this is the sheer wealth of superb erotica contained within its pages. The work on display is of such a high standard that one is left in awe of such talent, wondering why those featured in the book are not celebrities in their own right, or at the least, awarded national treasure status.

The 160 page, A4 book has been put together with flair by a group of people with a real passion for their subject. The attention to detail is remarkable and the sheer volume of material, beautifully crafted and presented provides a feast for the eye and a banquet for the soul - every page a delight. From the brief introduction to the Guild and Beaumont Hall Studios, why both were founded and what the future holds, the reader is lead through the work of no less than 25 of the Guild’s members ranging from artists and photographers to sculptors and digital artists.

The reproductions in the book are pin sharp and their clarity is breathtaking - it is to the Guild’s credit that the book’s high production values make every page and every image one to enjoy. Alongside the featured art, photography and sculpture are short biographies of the 25 selected members which provide intriguing insights into how they work, their motivations and techniques, so not only are we, as readers, afforded the opportunity to understand how such work is created, but get the pleasure of viewing the work too.

For anyone with a love of the sensual and the erotic this book is an absolute must and would grace any private collection. Indeed the book is a limited edition printing and will no doubt become a collector’s item very quickly. And, unwilling to sit back and rest on their laurels, the Guild is already planning Volume Two - we can’t wait to see what sensual new erotic delights it will serve up.