Membership Information

If you are an artist, photographer, lifecaster, sculptor, or model and you wish to get involved as a member, you are welcome to apply. You do not need to be professional, but you must have ability and desire to learn to do well.

A Membership application form and information can be obtained by sending an email to the secretary, Colin Ballard, at;

Alternatively, you can complete our online application if you intend to pay via Card or PayPal. You can complete the form by going to our membership site here .

Full membership holds many benefits. But it is also dependent on satisfying strict professional criteria. That is good news for you - Guild membership brings with it status. But it is also good news for those who use the Guild as a source of professionalism and expertise - they know we demand certain standards. Open to all artists, photographers, sculptors, life casters, writers, performers, and anyone whose work is sensual in nature.

The Guild also has other types of membership for those with an interest in figurative art, or in supporting the Guild.
Associate membership is open to the amateur or hobbyist who wishes to learn and aspire to greater things.
Student membership is open to full-time students studying any genre as listed above and want to specialise in erotic art.
Friends membership is open to individuals and organisations who want to maintain close links with the Guild - for example, nightclubs, web based organisations,retailers in lingerie etc.
Model membership is open all models male and female, and any category: Life Models, Glamour, Fetish, Runway, Lingerie, Art Nude, etc.

How to apply to join

Fee's once accepted:
Full Membership 75 p.a. (90 p.a. US $100 p.a.)
Associate Membership 50 p.a. (60 p.a. US $70 p.a.)
Student Membership 25 p.a.(30 p.a. US $40 p.a.)
Model Membership 20 one off fee (25 or US $30)
Friends Membership 20 p.a. (25 p.a. US $30 p.a.)

Full, Associates, Students & Models - 6 images of your work and a short biography must be sent via email as soon as you send in your application.

Payment must accompany the Membership Application. Payment methods are on the application form.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within 7 days.

Membership starts on the 1st of the month following your application acceptance.


The Guild has been established for 10 years, and is a world-wide renowned arts organisation. By joining The Guild of Erotic Artists, you will be part of an award winning and published erotic arts community.
List of benefits:

The Guild Website:
A fully, interactive website with images of your artwork, your biography and contact details are listed on your pages. This website is promoted on all literature, advertisements, promotions and press releases across the world.

Online Art Sales Website:
An e-commerce site where members can sell their original artworks to anywhere in the world. There is a transparent payment system to see where and when members work sells.

A marketing pack is sent out to all members. This gives you tips and ideas on marketing and promoting yourself with helpful tips such as pricing your work, what social media sites to be on, how to market yourself as a business and other useful items. A priceless guide to help you succeed. New marketing ideas come along all the time, so please request what are of marketing that would benefit you on acceptance as a member.

Newsletter/Guild Updates:
You will receive either a monthly newsletter or a detailed Guild Update email that keeps you informed of upcoming events and exhibitions, along with member news and special offers with discounted materials and framing.

Cologne Showroom:
We have a showroom in Germany called Galerie am Bruseller Platz in the art district of Cologne. We hold 4 exhibitions of Guild Members artwork there a year, and exhibitors have an opportunity to represented in Europe. The Galerie regularly promotes via social media, magazines and press and is aimed at high net worth clientele which gives members massive exposure in Europe.

Representation in Galleries:
The Guild puts on 5-6 exhibitions a year in galleries in London as well as giving members opportunities to exhibit at other third party exhibitions across the UK, Europe and USA at discounted rates.

Jade Magazine:
Automatic subscription to JADE PDF magazine with opportunity to have work featured plus directory of subscribers, plus Guild News pages. Part of the Guild membership is having the opportunity to have your work featured in JADE. In order for Guild members to qualify for the annual JADE Erotic Artist of the Year Awards their work needs to have been published in the magazine.

Social Media:
The Guild promotes daily its member on many of the social media websites there are including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DeviantArt, MySpace, Pinterest, Google +, and many more. The audience reach for this is over 100,000 per day.

Guild Awards / Jade Awards:
The Guild Awards are awarded to members in different categories as voted by the Guild members themselves so everyone has a chance to win. The Jade Erotic Art awards are awarded to individual members whose work has appeared in Jade and this is awarded by the editors of Jade themselves.

Codes of Conduct:
All members must abide by the Guild Code of Conduct and must adhere to these at all times. This protects the members from any legal complications should they arise.

Federation of Small Businesses:
We are members of The Federation of Small Businesses and can have 24/7 access to legal advice as well as insurance cover for legal fees and health & safety advice. There is also a tax advice line, and various discounted benefits.

Guild Book:
The Guild have produced 2 books with work submitted by the members and new publications are planned for 2015. A powerful business tool for potential clients.

Membership Pack:
Once accepted you will receive a membership card, a membership certificate, and use of the Guild logo on your website and stationery. Additions to this will be forthcoming.

Fet-X Magazine:
An affiliation with the international fetish magazine Fet-X where you have further opportunities to promote yourself and your work.

Other Services:
Discounted Card Processing service with PaymentSense
20% discount on framing from Tylers Studios in London.
Large discounts on art materials including oils, canvasses, brushes, mountboard etc.


The Guild respects the privacy of its members and will not sell or loan its membership list to third parties, nor will it make public any personal information in regard to individual members other than the contact details the member wishes to have placed on their Guild website page. Where a request for additional information is received by the Secretary, this will only be passed on after the written permission (in the form of a letter or e-mail) from the member concerned.


The following rules apply to all members with regard to material on the Guild website:

1: Maximum number of images per member 6. Image files should be JPEG (JPG) format only, up to 800 pixels on the longest side, 72dpi resolution, in RGB mode.

2: Each member is responsible for ensuring that the contact details listed for them on their individual pages are correct and up to date (any corrections or updates should be sent direct to the Webmaster with a copy to the Secretary for reference). Members are allowed to have their name, address, telephone, fax, mobile, email and website details listed on their Guild page.

3: Each member of the Guild is entitled to a full page on the website, under one of the main categories listed, to promote themselves and their work (this means you can display up to 6 images, a short bio and your contact details). If you want to ensure you have a webpage on the Guild site then please supply the relevant information and material to the Webmaster - as web pages will not be created automatically and it is not his job to chase members.

4: All Guild members are required to place a link to the Guilds website from their own websites as part of their conditions of membership - please ensure that this is done using the URL:

The Guild website is available for all members to display their work, can be used as a point of contact and acts to promote the Guild by providing regular updates on Guild activities.

Members are advised to add the site to their favourites list and visit regularly to keep up to date with the latest news and information.

The Guild website is managed and maintained by The Guild and overall control and approval of material to be uploaded to the site rests with Colin Ballard, Secretary of the Guild and is responsible for the day to day management of the site, including uploading images, information and making necessary changes to members details and images as presented on the site.

All members should note that the website is for the benefit of Guild members only and we will not provide links from a members Guild page to a general website which promotes non members of the Guild. The link from your Guild web page must be to your own personal website, featuring your own work. In the case of any dispute over what constitutes a personal website the Secretarys decision will be final and absolute.

Please help us make the website a success by providing the material for your webpage to the Webmaster (via email) as soon as possible after you are admitted to membership of the Guild.

Once accepted new members will receive the Guild logo and a link banner along with valuable marketing information. These will be sent direct from the Secretary via e-mail and are for use on your personal website to show you are a member of the Guild. The certificate and a membership card will be sent on request.


When you supply any personal information to the Guild we have legal obligations towards you in the way we use this data. We must explain how we will use it and we must inform you if we want to pass the information on to anyone else. In general, any information you provide to the Guild will only be used by the Guild for the purposes of keeping you informed about the Guild activities. Your information will only be disclosed to third parties where we are obliged, or permitted by law. Specifically it will not be sold or passed on to marketers. We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as you are a member, and remove it in the event of your membership expiring and not being renewed by either you or ourselves for whatever reason. We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not spam you - we will not enable others to spam you. Should you have any questions regarding this please contact the Secretary using the details above.


No refunds of the membership fee are made once a member is accepted into The Guild unless there is a genuine grievance. These cases will looked into fairly and carefully and if a grievance is upheld, a full refund of monies paid will be made. If a member decides to resign during their membership year, no refund will be made.

If a customer purchases Guild Merchandise from this Website only, and they are not totally satisfied, they are entitled a full refund (less postage and packing) within 30 days of purchase. The merchandise must be returned in good order. This does not affect your statutory rights.

If customers puchase artwork from a Guild member and has a dispute with that member, The Guild hold no responsiblity and the dispute remains between the Guild Member and the customer. However, if the Guild Member is in breach of Guild rules and has not upheld the good standing of The Guild, they may have their membership terminated after a full and thorough investigation.