Dirk Richter

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Dirk started to draw when he was very young. Due to his Love for Comics and Fantasy-Films, he drew a lot of Fantasy Pictures. But sometimes, even though he didn't like it as much, he drew also some buildings, flowers etc. At school he developed his passion for graphite drawings, and tried out all kinds of other styles, for example watercolour Paintings, but he knew, graphite would always be his personal favourite. Because of his work and his education, between 1992 and 2000 very few pictures were finished. He didn't have the time, nor could he concentrate on his art as much as he would have liked to. In 1996 Dirk began his studies of architecture in Hannover. Within these studies there were offered some drawing and painting courses, which he attended full of expectations. He started drawing again, in his free time too. Due to his studies of architecture most of the works were buildings, interior designs and landscape drawings. In some of his work there fantasy influences, which he still had. There were some art courses offered where students could draw nude men and women and it was then, when Dirk started to realize, that pin-up drawings combined with some elements of fantasy was what he wanted to do; the fantasy in his mind and the esthetic bodies of beauty.
In 2006 he was one of the founding members of "Neoartistic". A group of artists that formed after a pin-up art competition held by the "Art Fantastix" magazine was cancelled. Several would-be competitors met in the forum of the magazine and brought Neoartistic into existence. Until this day the founding members Thomas Rumberg, Hugh Owen Porter and Dirk Richter share an ongoing friendship and a love for their passion, pin-up. At the end of 2006 Dirk Richter participated in another contest with his piece titled "Demonic Beauty" and was published as one of the winners in the artbook "Aphrodisia II". This was to be the first international publishing of one of his works, yet not the last. Another piece was included in the artbook "Erotic Signature vol.I - The very best of erotic art" and he followed up a year later with his piece "Checkers" in volume two.
These publications brought him international acclaim and led him to become a member of The Guild of Erotic Artists in 2007. In 2008 he published and sold his work alongside the likes of Armando Huerta, Kim Harlow, Dave Nestler, Matt Hughes, Ric Frane and Nicole Brune on www.pinupworldart.com.

Now Dirk still tries out a lot of different styles and compositions. He is eager to learn more and to perfect his own style. Dirk never learned to draw professionally. Only his talent and his passion for art lets these amazing drawings come into being.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Dirk Richter