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Marks has a passion for drawing and painting and he would exhibit annually at the Whiteley’s Gallery in London where he would sell original art covering a variety of subjects. “I would tend to paint pictures of subjects that interested me rather than have any commercial logic to a subject matter. I found after a time that it was my pictures of females that were most popular and it was for this reason that I have tended to settle upon this theme. One can never tire of seeing a beautiful woman. The interesting thing for me is that as many females would buy these paintings as men do, and I wanted to appeal to both”.

Mark now works and exhibits from his studio / gallery in a secluded and remote spot set in the Leicestershire countryside. Viewings of the Gallery are strictly by appointment. For more information visit or email

Many of Marks commissions tend to come from women who just want to feel good about themselves and their sexuality. “Often they will ask me to use a bit of artistic licence and leave out the odd wrinkle, add a bit to their boobs or take a bit off their waist line. It’s often about enhancing their natural beauty. One client remarked that she wanted a painting to remind her husband of why he fell in love with her. “Art is subjective; its beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Mark Roberts -  Provocative Art