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Fetish Map London, published by PictureRama Publishing, is the must-have
accessory amongst all fetish enthusiasts. It is a one-stop shop for
clubbing, shopping, socialising and essential services, at a convenient
pocket size, providing you the most all-encompassing, informative guide
for all your fetish requirements. Fetish Map London is a unique
publication that will help you find all your fetish needs, with over 200
wide-ranging fetish, kinky and fully comprehensive listings from hotels,
cafés, body art, fetish fashion, lingerie, shoes, equipment, furniture,
markets and much more.
Fetish Map London has attracted advertisers from all over the world so
that you can enjoy a truly fetish community worldwide.
Ensure you purchase your Map before you embark on your adventure so that
you can plan ahead, and enjoy the experience even more.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Fetish Map