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"My main areas of work are: Life, Portrait, Lifecast and Bodypaint modelling; Erotic, Artistic/Implied nude, Fantasy, Alternative, and Fetish photographic modelling. Iíve undertaken many modelling assignments for numerous art groups and classes, plus private artist projects and fundraisers too, and I'm also a face and body painter myself. Iíve been on the Registry of Artists Models since 2007 and have continuously worked throughout this time (member no. 1367).
I currently have 9 tattoos; left ankle, left hip, lower right back, large thigh/hip piece on right hand side, large knee to thigh piece on left hand side both wrists, upper right arm, and back of neck. I also have several piercings, and I am 27 years old with vivid green eyes and pale white skin. Measurements: 5.7in, 9 stone, 32A, classic coke bottle shaped figure.

Iím very open minded and always interested in trying out new things, as long as it is classy, sensual and artistic, and not pornographic or adult in any way. I will work with other female models and sometimes males and/or couples, depending on the type of shoot. Iím very good at improvising and contributing towards all projects I work on as I have a very vivid and unusual imagination, however at the same time, Iím also quite happy to take specific direction if that is how you work. I love what I do and enjoy working with all kinds of artists and photographers immensely. Iíve got a great sense of humour and am very laidback and fluid, and I am extremely reliable; punctual, easy to work with, and flexible. Please contact me if you would like to work with me - I look forward to hearing from you."

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Sam Dodd