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Mark Davy-Jones - Artist - Biography
Born London 1963
Location: Isle of Wight, UK

Mark Davy-Jones is at the cutting edge of erotic and sensual art. Mark creates unique works of digital art combining his fine art skills with the latest techniques in montage and graphic manipulation. His pieces draw on all his creative abilities – from his natural painting and drawing talent, evident from an early age, honed through art and design training at Kingston University which resulted in his graduation with a BA(Hons) in 1988. Much of his more recent work has explored themes suggested by the work of widely varied great artists ranging from Rembrandt to Klimt via Botticelli. His images are based on his own photographs, often elaborately constructed and dramatic pictures in themselves, even before Mark's keen eye develops them further into his beautiful and provocative images using digital “painting” techniques. His aim is to create an individual artwork that is at once beautiful and thought provoking, rather than just erotic images.

Mark's first exhibition – of traditionally drawn and painted fine art images of animals and plants – was a sell-out success at the age of 22 and he has gone on to exhibit his more recent artworks successfully at the Guild of Erotic Artists, Erotica at Earls Court and shows in Brighton.

Mark is a published artist and titles include: Bizzar Magazine, Blood & (dis)Honour and The Serpent to name a few. He is also an exhibiting member of the British Museum of Erotic Art.

Mark is available for private commissions and his work is available as fine art prints, textiles and home furnishings.

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Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Mark Davy-Jones