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Chris Barber Biography

Chris is a male model who has done a lot of photographic modelling in a variety of genres. When not modelling, Chris is a musician and combines his love of music with his passion for horse riding and motorcycling, both of which have been used in various modelling assignments Chris has undertaken.
Chris very much enjoys both the creative spirit of photographic modelling and also the enforced stillness of life modelling as although the body is fixed the mind is free and this is an experience he has not found in any other activity. He is very comfortable working nude or in costume, on a one to one basis, or with a group.
Chris is based in south west London and is available some days, weekends and evening for life, portrait and photographic modelling, plus body casting and body painting.
Chris has a good sense of humour and will be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of artists and is prepared to push the boundaries to get the desired result. He enjoys a challenge and excels in working with people of a similar positive attitude.
He has been praised for his professionalism, reliability and punctuality.
Willing to travel for projects that are of interest/unusual or challenging.

Areas I work: London, Middlesex, Surrey, Herts, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Chris Barber