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Andy Riley AKA Bogfrog, Photographer, Videographer, Producer, Scuba Diver and Landrover Nut.
I have been a photographer for something like 27 years. I am a published semi-professional, but unfortunately most of the magazines in which I was published are no longer in production and now
sadly missed, particularly People in Camera (PIC).

I started out with a Ricoh 35mm and was instantly hooked, rapidly progressing through Pentax, Canon
and Nikon in 35mm, Bronica SQA and Pentax 6x7 in medium format and ultimately ending up with a
beautifully engineered, large format Linhof Super Technika 5x4 field camera which was as old as I was. All of these are now sadly gone and I work mostly in the digital space with much more modest, and much lighter, equipment.

Very early on I started out in portraiture, but then soon discovered glamour, and rapidly progressed to figure nude and erotica which is where I was most productive.

As can happen, life and family intervened, and photography took a very back seat for a good few
years. Its now very much back in my focus and Im active once again in the female figure nude,
glamour and erotica arenas with particular emphasis on the sensual & feminine. Periodically however I do undertake specific themed projects, some of which are definitely not mainstream.
As Im also a PADI qualified Master Scuba Diver, underwater is also a new and fascinating arena for me.
I used to work for a major commercial UK TV channel, and was responsible during the relaunch for technical delivery of its websites. During my time there it won a host of design and innovation
awards. Of particular note was the first simultaneous live TV and web video broadcast which, at the time, was way ahead of the BBC. This was an advantage which was sadly not capitalised on, as web video was not seen to be for the man in the street, as at the time dial up modems were the norm. If only wed known then what we know now!
Based now in west Kent, I like to shoot something different & I'm always up for a challenge.

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