Jocelyn Woods

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LocationVermont, USA

Model Biography:
Location: Vermont, USA

I am a poet, artist, mystic and model with a severe physical disability, born with a rare, atypical neuromuscular disease, and am unable to stand or walk. My dedication to breaching the boundaries of expression has propelled me to utilize many artistic mediums. It is my intent to use my "crippled" form as a vehicle for documenting highly sexually charged mystic raptures, encountered in communion with the divine.

My visions have the capacity to shatter societal paradigms which have been encased in paralyzingly belief systems, and I see my work as both a revolution and an unveiling of core humanity, as embodied in the recent $5,000+ Indiegogo fundraising campaign, "Ecstasy of a Cripple: the Resurrection of Passion"

Themes I am devoted to include erotic mysticism, mythology and the resurrection of the lost and forgotten, surrealism and ultimately creating art that defies genre or style, manifesting into visual form the poetry that courses like divine lava through my veins. To me, all life is a Mystery and the vastness of our beings is incomprehensible. As such, it is arrogance to assume we could ever truly know ourselves or understand these mysteries through linear deduction or comparison. To define one's self is to deny the unfathomable divinity of our never-ending existence

Being "crippled" and modeling is an artform that is characterized by this riddle. It is a riddle that confounds the mind of its structures and constructs until the mind lets go. My art is driven by this divine contradiction.

Nevertheless, although riddlesome and contradictory, I express this in beauty, beauty that is at times shocking and yet ever so refined. I want to dispel suffering rather than enhance it, through being an alchemical proxy for the unveiling of forgotten godhood within the vessel of humanity.

"Jocelyn's work epitomises truth in art; that fundamental quality that elevates creativity as a direct means of soul expression. The New Pre-Raphaelite advocates all forms of art and creativity and through use of all mediums accessible to her, Jocelyn demonstrates clearly that art is not confined to a specific type or style and that genuine art is measured by the truth it expresses. Ecstasy of a Cripple is a wildly inspirational concept and Jocelyn's work is not just beautiful but original, unique and exquisite."
--Anna Louise May, Founder of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement

"Beautiful and inspiring project."
--Alex van Zeelandt, Playboy Model

"Mystic truth with those who have ears to hear and eyes to see."
--Carl Barbarotto, Author, Washington D.C.

"Jocelyn is a very unique and compelling individual and I am excited to be working with her on this project because, like me, she seeks to unravel that exquisite combination of the erotic and the divine in her work...I believe that the images we create will be bold, erotic, challenging and above all - memorable......"
--Thomas Dodd, Photographer/Artist

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Jocelyn Woods