Len Gifford

Members - Sculptors, bodycasters and jewellers


Len started work as a structural engineer designing bridges. In 1980 he went back to college to study sculpture for a BA Hons. In 1984 he started sculpting the clay originals for the world famous Adel Rootstein mannequin makers. For 27 years he worked part time making the clay originals for hundreds of mannequins in shop windows worldwide. During this time he produced his own work, from 100mm figurines to life size male and female figures in bronze, bronze resin and painted resin based on dancers, fashion, glamour, erotic and bondage models. From his studio in Milton Keynes Village he produces limited edition copies of his dance, erotic bondage sculptures for sale to galleries, homes and gardens worldwide, including public sculptures and commissions in various cities.

"I am a sculptor who uses the human body to express idea. Using semi realistic portrayal of the humnan figure I can imply meaning and intention that we all, as human beings, recognise. We are all experts at body gesture, body movement and expressions, we have to be to live in this ever more complex and crowded society, whether it be the joy of dance, the movement of gymnasts, male and female sexuality, erotica, fashion or the futility of war. I use the human body as a painter uses canvas and paint."


Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Len Gifford