Tony Meadows

Members - Sculptors, bodycasters and jewellers


Tony Meadows D.O.B. 28th August 1957
Cilrhiw, Moelfre, Llansilin, Oswestry SY10 7QS

I am a sculptor working on pieces derived from lifecasts and incorporating natural forms either by three dimensional carving or painted or both!
The texture of skin, the delicate unfolding of secret places, beauty of soft folds, or strong male shapes veins and sinews and skin. Life cast derived sculptures combine all the textures and form of sculpture with intimate detail direct from the model. Intimate, edgy, revealing, and great fun too!
Throughout the ages and many cultures erotic art has held its rightful place, celebrating and expressing the joy and diversity of human sexuality. From the dark age of censorship we are perhaps standing on the cusp of an age when erotica can be savoured and relished as the heartbeat of life.
My work represents a complete change in direction from my previous art which was quite small scale and i am enthralled by the challenges and new opportunities it presents.
Formerly my work was as a painter (oil and watercolour), etcher, wood engraver and illustrator. I was an Associate Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers. Member of Hilliard Society, and member of Artists and Designers in Wales (AADW).
In the 1980s I exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers, Society of Wood Engravers.
Moving from 2 dimensional media to three dimensions has brought with it a number of thrilling and fascinating challenges both technically and artistically.
For my more explicit and erotic work I collaborate solely with amateur models: attempting to capture the joy and pleasure of the intimate moment.
Notes on Works (see relevant images)
Maenad I
The Maenads - followers of Bacchus were renowned for their uncontrolled sexual behavior, loss of senses and complete wanton intoxication...
The ivy leaves echo the sacred ivy they twined in their hair in this captured moment of self-pleasure and delight.
Maenad II
Gypsum and slate with acrylic wash
Spiral patterns of applied ivy leaves accentuating the sensual curves of the form.
The power and simple architectural forms of the male form
Gypsum and Slate with Acrylic patination
Simple and cheeky!!.
Copper Yoni
Gypsum and Slate with Acrylic patination
Like an ancient fragment of a stolen moment - erotic pleasure is a constant thread through the centuries at the very core of our beings.
Gypsum with Acrylic patination and colouring
The original legend is one of the overpowering desire of Pygmalion and the grace of Aphrodite - Goddess of Love...
I saw the erotic power of this and imagined that even the sculptors long dead hand could be imbued with this power, and through erotic desire bring the cool marble of a statue to life

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Tony Meadows