Chuck Monroe

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Chuck Monroe is a Fine Art Painter who lives and works in London. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany and obtained his BA at the Academy of Fine Art, Kassel in 1976. He has produced a great number of works in pastel, watercolour and oil as well as some objects. Chuck has participated in exhibitions internationally and sells by way of commission. His works are refreshing and unique by way of his subject matter and his approach to rendering them in the choice of composition, vivid colour, intensity and strident meticulousness in which they are completed. Each painting is designed to draw attention to itself and together they create a vibrant expression and signature of an established and seasoned painter who seems equally driven by the Pop Art Painters of the seventies as he is by old masters. His work has an overall consistency and believability thus putting the viewer somewhere in the physical experience of the painting by way of identification, playfulness, humour and classical nostalgia.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Chuck Monroe