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My initial sightings of fascinators, seen in the top Burlesque shows and similar productions in the London theater intrigued me so much so that I looked into the makings of these alluring, teasing, titillating head confections and, indeed purchased several of my own. I have always adored hats and most especially the more unusual lines, which I feel, put the finishing touch to the glorious outfits worn by the most elegant and glamorous performers/models seen today.

Since training at Central St. Martins I have always been extremely interested in fabric construction and making items of adornment and realised that I too could produce fascinators/cocktail hats of my own. My efforts elicited so many compliments and so many requests from friends, acquaintances, friends of friends and even telephone queries from strangers, that I found myself rather busy with what had simply started as a hobby. I am now ready to share these confections with you……

Gina Franks
01536 761720
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