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Bio: A self taught artist who is also a photographic model.

"I work from my own images, so all my paintings and drawings are original in every sense of the word original, as they are hand done one offs, and original in the sense that the paintings are executed by me. And are often of me, or me and another person.
It's very empowering, lovingly caressing my linear shape with my fine brush strokes.
I have some very erotic paintings of my private parts, painted in a very unusual way...!

I have so many images to recreate, and unique ways of portraying the images.
I love pen and wash, also mosaic effect painting, so the form is not painted in a natural way, but rather a more batik style affair, though the image within it will be realistic!

I love the work of Rodin and Klimpt both amazing artists and eroticists.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Elizabetha