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LocationSan Francisco, USA

Retrotie, the journey

During that inevitable chase for the American Dream Retrotie had a constant internal battle between conservative life and his need to express art and sexuality. He found himself at a crossroads many times.

The first artistic path he chose was that of music, lyric, poem and prose. He identified more closely to the darker tones of medieval madrigals and later to rock and roll and the associated lifestyle. This eventually gave way to a more conservative ideology which sent him into the working force of computer support and brought him up to speed on the technological advances of our time.

As the pendulum swung he found technology alone wasn’t enough to satisfy himself as a whole person. Midway through the first decade of the latest century he clutched his first digital camera and sought out suitable subject matter.

A curious, sexually open and intelligent person Retrotie identified with the world of fetish and eroticism. Stemming from a personal lifestyle choice and possibly from the fact that he is ambidextrous, dyslexic, Bi-polar, artistic and logical he identified with the dichotomy of Dominance and submission. During his discovery of fetish art Retrotie found he didn’t agree with the typical depiction of mainstream fetish. Being that of stubborn free spirit coupled with his desire to demystify the subject of his passion he took on the task of showing a more inviting face to a “darker” alternative sexuality.

Retrotie invites the viewer to experience his erotic art delicately garnished with fetish undertones in hopes to allay fears and break current societal stigma associated with fetish and alternative sexual choice.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Retrotie