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Although I was too small to remember it, my parents have since told me, and I have also witnessed the story on old photographs that have yellowed with age, that I was born with very supple and flexible hip-joints, which was discovered a bit too late and was perhaps to leave me with a terrible limp as an adult. I was eight months at the time and extreme measures had to be taken to correct the over-flexible joints until they stabilised. I was placed in a cast from my hips to the ankles for about a year, followed by yet another year in braces. I was, of course, due to start crawling and being active, when instead I was restricted from moving. I had a specifically built table into which I was fitted and from where I could only watch when others were playing. But according to my parents it was harder for them to accept than it was for me, and thus to keep me occupied they gave me pencils and pads to scribble on. These scribbles and random patterns of lines and circles found their way onto walls and mirrors once the cast and braces were removed.

Once free, I was running just about everywhere (yes, similar to Forest Gump) but no matter how fast and how far, the lines kept up with me and followed me closely like a loyal companion no matter where I ended up in life. They supported me through harsh times, sparked me with inspiration, fuelled me with challenges in novel techniques, and offered the and satisfaction when completing and accomplishing. They also offered the tranquility and peacefulness that one feels when drifting into creativity that just flows effortlessly like a silent, abstract language through the hands and manifests as a vivid story on a blank surface. It speaks back, and often touches a current of emotions. Itís been more than a loyal; friend; art has been a soul mate and at times a saviour.

At the age of eighteen, I applied and was accepted into the California Art School. However, the lack of financial means steered me into the direction of science. I pursued the strict codes of physics, biology and logic but do not regret this as I have discovered that science is the most conserved form of art, defined by the complexity of its features; a mesh-work of lines crystallised in rules and laws that by all means are not restrictive, but explodes into a cascade of awe for Natureís magnificent creativity. It compels respect and engages the very cradle of art, the ability to expand the mind beyond what we see, in order to understand it. It is humbling and although it may seem paradoxical, many people working within the field of science are highly creative and artistic; colourful personalities shrouded by and hidden in a dull cloak. Perhaps these two halves of human duality balance each other well and open another dimension to creativity.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Firesnake Design