Peter Bratt

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I was born in Coventry during 1958. My first ambition from day one was to become a pilot in the Royal Air Force, unfortunately poor eyesight meant that I had to abandon that particular dream. However, due to my aviation ambitions I was firmly in the science stream at school and at some point it occurred to me that science could be as rewarding as flying. I gained a first class honours degree in Chemistry, from the North London Polytechnic, A Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of California and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of London. I went on to do three postdoctoral Research Fellowships at the Universities of Houston, London and finally Florida by which time I would have described myself as a Biophysical spectroscopist specialising in electron paramagnetic resonance and itís application to biological systems.

Since 1999 I have established myself as a 3D aircraft modeller and have produced 3D content for the BBC, Sky, the RAF museum and various other media companies. I have been producing erotic art, firstly in pencil, then later on the PC since the early eighties, mostly for my own enjoyment, although in the early 80's and mid nineties I did sell drawings to fetish magazines such as Swish publications. I joined the Guild of Erotic Artists in 2005.

Materials Used:
Pencil on cartridge paper.

My vector work on PC is primarily done using CoreDraw, although I use various 3D applications such as Poser, Bryce, Cararra, 3D Studio Max and Corel Painter to compose and create a scene.

The images here give an idea of the sort of things I am capable of doing.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Peter Bratt