Richard Stewart Walsh

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Studio (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, and Photography) as a unified process.
Performance. Public Art, Project Work. Objective and Non-objective.
Multimedia, Cinematographics, Stage and Environment Construction.

"I encourage all people to engage their various inhabited sensorial intelligences"

Artist-Collaborators, Studio Assistants, Work Volunteers, Art Students, Models, Actors, Musicians, Poets, Curators, Brainstormers....
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A cold war baby, born 1956 Frankfurt am Main.
Educated in Switzerland. Attended bi-lingual and international schools. Undergraduate Art Studies at Goddard College.
Lived In Vermont 25 years (with short intervals in NYC). Married a Scot, raised children, homesteading on 12 acres of upland farm in Vermont.
Relocated family to the West Highlands of Scotland August 2001.
Moved into a highland "Big House" with ample history, but in "endangered condition".
Fabulous geographic location- beautiful, isolated, vivid, desperate, and invigorating.

Happiness and respect are easily sought outside the studio, the process of making money is far more straightforward without art. There is no definite worth in art. So why do it?
If freedom is specifically "to be loved just as you are" without bondage, the artist must learn to love and see things "just as they are" and stand up for the ennoblement of freewill. Artistic "free will" hopefully allows me to to penetrate beyond the "looking glass" of who-do valuation. It's a gift or defect beyond "accounting" for.

"To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom"
óJoseph Beuys

"As I can" (not as I would)
óJan van Eyck

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Richard Stewart Walsh