Vera Akotuah

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Artist Statement:

I have a great interest in the human form in ways in which style and creativity can be expressed. I enjoy working with dry mediums like charcoal and pastel because they are quick and instant. I like studying, shading, tonal values and blending, dry mediums allow you to explore this I also work with a rubber and use it as a tool in creating my work.

I started creating erotic style artwork in 2005 when I was asked to create an image for a book cover called 'Love for all Eternity'.
I created the image ‘Lay Back' from then onwards I developed an entire series and called it ‘Red Satin’. All the paintings in this collection have a background of red satin and contrast charcoal figures.

I have exhibited my erotic art in several events and venues including ‘Impure Art’ made famous recently for showcasing the Madonna nudes.
In 1979 the year I was born, Madonna at 20 years of age posed nude for a photographer called Schreiber for $30, she modelled nude to fund her way through dance school. Six years on when she had hit stardom Schreiber spotted her on the cover of Time magazine. He dug out his intimate photos , which are naïvely artistic and heavily voyeuristic, and sold them to anybody willing to pay for them. He contacted Penthouse along with another photographer she posed for and they were sold to Playboy magazine who notoriously publised them in September 1985.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Vera Akotuah