Akasha Van Eyke

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Photographer Akasha Van Eyke is a child of the former GDR, born in the late 1960s she spent most of her childhood in East Berlin.

Two years ago, she decided to follow her artistic nature and move into modelling. Then a year ago she bought her first camera and moved behind the lens, determined to see if she could do a better job than some of the photographers she had worked with as a model. Since taking up photography she hasnít looked back. She made her debut in JADE in January 2015 (issue 122) and also featured in the May 2015 issue.

Akashaís work is not only artistic, but is also an expression of her personal feelings and her passion for life, love, people and the stories they have. We sincerely hope that she will continue working behind the lens, developing her skills and combining her artistic flair with a modelís know-how on what makes a great sensual image.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Akasha Van Eyke