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LocationTregaron, Wales

I draw because I have to… It is an urge and if I ignore it I become less than I am. I studied art and biology in Derby University, which earned me a BSc. Through a long journey I have been brought to erotic art. I love to push the boundaries of conventional beauty and I particularly like rope.
I work in pencil on Bristol board or heavyweight paper and can use colour highlights. I love to include tattoos and other body modifications, but my work is really about two things; form and emotion.
When I draw I try to capture the models’ feelings; be they pleasure, comfort, pain or possession. At the same time the simple beauty of the body is something I want to portray in my work. Together these two things make my artwork and style.
Picasso said that all art is erotic, and I have to agree with him.


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Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Kat's Art