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Painting is a meditation for me… it allows out onto canvas that which is buried within. It provides the space-time for thoughts, feelings and emotions to be noticed, noted and then released. It is addictive and I escape to my studio at every opportunity to get the next image out. I paint in Oil on canvas board as this smooth, slow and patient medium allows for deep tones and textures from velvet to leather, to be crafted.

Twenty years ago, my work explored human form and its anatomical beauty. My exposure to the gothic world at University started my journey of enjoyment of the laced, velvet and black opulence of the corseted body. I love the way lace and chiffon can hide and reveal simultaneously. I am excited by the use of light and shadow to do the same. Eroticism for me is not about what you can see, but what you can’t see. What you’ve dreamt of, but never can possess. My pieces are provocative, teasing and intimate rather than explicit. I often portray lone characters inviting the viewer to interpret the situation. You are the voyeur and I know your imagination can be more powerful and vivid than the image alone. My plan is to open that portal without fear that what you find might vanish, or that you might be judged. I intend for my work to lead you into your own fantasy where there are no boundaries, no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just this moment as it is now from me to you, through a shared image.

Running through my paintings are themes of female empowerment. To come for the future will be a little more humour and cheek as I delve into the wonderful world of Burlesque!


Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Valentines Erotic Art