Sean Ashton

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I would like to think there has always been an artistic element to my life. Formal training was prematurely stopped as dreams of being a pilot took president - though it did mean Mr G (my school art teacher) stormed into my geography class demanding to know Art wasn't one of my options.
Over time, as pilot dreams turned to reality art once again came to the fore this time
painting model soldiers in oil paint - I'm ever the boy! Unfortunately, this past-time was relegated due to work commitments. However, a serious back injury 3 years ago saw art and painting in particular becoming a form of therapy. Initial attempts were in acrylic before moving to my favourite medium of oil.
Today my main focus is figurative and portraiture in particular the nude. There is something natural yet sensual about the human form. I want the viewer to think, maybe question what they see. Pornography in art is too blatant, simple, it's so common it's mainstream. I would hope that I can produce a more classical image - but I'll let you decide?

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Sean Ashton