Victor Sanchez

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LocationBrussels, Belgium

Victor Sanchez was born in Gijon, Spain, on December 17th, 1959 but he was brought up
in Brussels, Belgium. From 1975 onwards, he studies at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts
and in the meantime he obtains several prizes and grades. Additionally, he rounds off his
studies by taking sketching courses at the Watermael-Boitsfort Academy. He also attends
Mr. Debie's drawing course at the Anderlecht Academy.
He graduates in 1980 and completes his pictoral and technical skills at the Laeken based
Brussels School for Photography. Meanwhile he begins his career in the graphical and
audiovisual fields.
In 1990, he opts for a freelance activity and works with several advertisement
agencies. Unanimously praised for his impeccable technique and excellent work, he
specializes as a hyper-realist illustrator.
His poetic and surrealistic art is favourbly singled out by renowned art critics such as
Stéphane Rey and Anita Nardon. He is quoted in numerous reference books amongst
which Paul Piron's most famous "Dictionnaire des Artistes Plasticiens de Belgique"
and the "Annuaire des Artistes et Galeries de Belgique". However, he still keeps a
critical eye on his art. As an untiring perfectionist, he first exploited the subtle
eroticism of veiled bodies and now reinvents his own Hyms to Feminimity with an art
that resolutely strays from the beaten track.
Recently rewarded at the international erotica exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Victor Sanchez