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I have 46 years experience in photography, with professional experience of 25 years, My love of photography is based around monochrome and
I spent twenty five years printing in traditional darkrooms, 10 of those were at printing at high level for exhibitions and selling. Iíve run fine art
workshops in France and Cumbria based around still life and landscapes, the end product of my workshops was either a framed fine at print, in
which I taught the photographers to print mount and frame the work we did, or as fine art books designed using Adobe Indesign.
Five years ago I began photographing the female nude and gradually developed the style of photography that suits my personality and aesthetic
tasteís, of which I have enclosed six examples that cover a variety of techniques. I work digitally shooting in colour to obtain the base image
then do all the post processing work needed to achieve the image I had in my mind at the time of shooting . I very rarely crop images at the
post processing stage preferring to get in right in the viewfinder.
My style varies from Abstract to Voyeuristic, preferring the model not to be looking and smiling at the camera, I create the story line then let
the model interpret the story while a focus on viewpoints etc. While I admire photographers like Helmut Newton and like. I never try to copy
their work, preferring my own style, but using them as inspiration for pursuing personal photography as opposed to professional commissioned
I prefer art erotica to art nude, as it has a reality about it, I capture reality not posed set ups, I believe my work to be original in thought and
off high quality at the printing stage. I print on Matt fine art paper such German Etching etc. I have had several exhibitions of my fine art work,
now Iím looking to have an exhibition of my art erotica work.