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I am a scientist by training, and a writer by profession (at least in part). With a life-long connection with the natural world, photography is an important way to express my love and appreciation for the world around us, and peopleís place within it. Photography also provides an effective way for me to connect and balance the scientist and artist that lie within.
Amazilia Photography (AP) is named after a species of hummingbird native to Peru and Ecuador. I chose this name because hummingbirds are (to me) one of the most beautiful and inspiring natural wonders of the world. The splendour of these tiny avian jewels is reflected in some of their names, such as Shining Sunbeam, Little Sunangel and Andean Emerald. This radiance and strength is also seen in people, especially women. Throughout history artists have tried in every form of art to portray aspects of this feminine beauty.
In addition to the more recent focus on photographing people, AP has more than a decadeís experience with other forms of photography, including creating travel portfolios when visiting some 50 countries on all seven Continents (represented in several private publications and public presentations).
Amazilia Photography specialises in art nude (ranging from classic to athletic/dance) and environmental nude, but it has more recently expanded into creative and sensuous erotic art nude. Much of this work tries to produce calm and serene images, while at other times I aim for images which are more dynamic and which ooze energy and attitude.
I am partly attracted to this particular genre because it is potentially controversial. If I were to ask ten of my friends the difference between erotic photography and pornography I would almost certainly get ten different answers. Perhaps both forms of nude photography are best considered as a continuum, where everyone has their own point at which they would draw the differentiation? Iíve certainly never read a definition of the difference with which I agree, but we all seem to know where the line between erotic art and pornography is at least for us as individuals. This immediately creates a challenge to try to produce work which confronts these individual definitions, if for no other reason than almost all art is subjective and defies rigid categorisation and definition. Erotic photography should be no different.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Amazilia Photography