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Artist and author Richard Savage

I work from his Cambridgeshire studio. I undertake a wide variety of work in a range of media. I think it is healthy to change what you do, change media and subject, so you return feeling refreshed. I undertake commissions for private clients and cameral organisations. For quite a number of yeas now I have worked for a number of publishers. As an illustrator and designer I have worked on over fifty projects including forty plus jacket covers and hundreds of illustrations. My work has appeared in many publications including, Jade, Penthouse Forum and Scarlet Magazines.

I have appeared and work featured at a number of exhibitions, including Erotica, Skin Two, ETO Show, Passion, The Expo, The Erotic Show, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Washington DC.

As an erotic writer he has four stories in print and is currently working on my fifth, called “The Trainer” due for release next year. I am also is also working on a book titled “Beauty in every form” which explores the nature and concept of beauty.

My art can be seen at and all my stories are published by

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Richard Savage