Steve DT

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Brighton based photographer Steve DT enjoys creating sensual erotic photography that evokes either the moment, the surreal or carries a social edge and prefers to wrap these around thematic topics.

Published photographer: His first book, 'Personals:desires in print' (2009) is an homage to the personal adult adverts found in a many a magazine before the onslaught of the internet. Both the advertiser and the curious reader desires some control and change to invade their love lives, and the personal column make it possible. The book is a labour of love with the photographs created in a suitable advertised style.

And then, the ebook series ‘Four Dollar Pearl’, which was inspired by the pioneering independent publications active below the public surface of Victorian morality. So far 'Rapture: lost in embrace' and 'Dreams of Venus' have been issued.

Also exhibiting is very important to him, and Steve DT has produced several solo themed shows (including the original Fetichegrams) and continues to take part in group shows (national and internationally) as well as being a member of Total Image Nation.

Steve DT is a former music photographer and his erotic works are inspired by Bob Carlos Clarke, Pierre Molinier and Man Ray, to name but a few. And he continues to be enthused.

Image by Guild of Erotic Artists member Steve DT